Zip Lines

Zip lines

LIGNIS stands out for its experience in numerous projects and its high level of training and qualifications.

We design and develop your zip line or super-zip line project (more than 600 m in length) in full. Our priority is to offer technical solutions adjusted to customer needs without losing sight of the success of the project.

Our engineering projects are carried out according to the valid standard EN 15567-1:2015 or EN 12927.

We also offer our engineering services separately:

Feasibility studies.

Consulting at any stage of the project.

– Structural calculations including civil works.

Construction site management.

– Technical assistance on site.

– Installation on site.

– Craft coordination.

– Certification before opening according to EN 15567-1:2015.

We have the ability to provide solutions to any technical challenge. We work with natural supports (trees or rock) or artificial supports (structures). We adapt all the components of the project to the needs of the project – support structure, cable, brake, pulley, harness (sitting, lying down), other PPE, accesses / surroundings etc.

We offer our services together or separately – we adapt to your needs. You want your project “turnkey”, you prefer to carry out your project with local companies or you want to collaborate in the execution of your project – go ahead. We are a professional, dynamic and flexible team.

Get in touch with us for any technical query or ask us for a budget without obligation.

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