Wood Construction


We are experts in wood construction with more than 12 year’s experience in the market.

We have carried out numerous projects in which we have contributed our knowledge in different phases:

structural design and technical advice,

– structural calculations,

– calculation of thermal and acoustic insulation,

– technical execution plans in CAD (2D & 3D),

construction site management,

technical assistance on site,

– assembly on site.

We are also authors of several engineering projects in which we have developed the project in its entirety. On the other hand we have collaborated in different projects with other engineering and architecture offices.

The range of works carried out by us is wide: e.g. homes, warehouses, bridges, churches, roofs, sports centers, equestrian center, observation towers, modular offices, houses, apartment blocks, floating platforms.

torre con estructura de madera


We offer solutions adapted to customer needs. Therefore we provide engineering services as a whole or separately.

Engineering projects.

Consulting and technical advice.

Design of structures and design of detailed technical solutions.

– Modeling in CAD – 2D & 3D.

– Structural calculations according to Eurocodes or other standards.

– Technical execution plans in CAD.

Construction site management.

– Craft coordination.

– Technical assistance on site.

– Expert reports.

We offer our services for works of all sectors – e.g. residential, public, tertiary, commercial, leisure, tourism, hospitality.

We stand out for our experience in works with special technical requirements such as:

Modular construction and industrialized construction,

– Sustainable construction (e.g. Passivhaus),

– Outdoor wooden structures (exposed to the weather).

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